The Teenie Harris Archive Project Exhibitions

Carnegie Museum of Art held three Teenie Harris Archive Project exhibitions (in 2003, 2006, and 2009), in which it asked for assistance in identifying the people, places, and events in the images. So far, 2,000 images have been positively identified with help from the community. The approximately 200 images in each exhibition were selected by a guest curator.

Documenting Our Past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project, Part One, July 5–November 16, 2003

Archive 1  

In this first exhibition at the museum, approximately 200 work prints and 3500 photocopied images of works by Teenie Harris were on view in the Forum Gallery. To maximize community involvement with the project, the museum collaborated with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on an extension of the program in neighborhood library branches, where bound sets of all images were available along with "memory sheets" to record comments and recollections. The information gathered from this project was entered into the museum's collections database and made available online.






Documenting Our Past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project, Part Two, February 18–July 30, 2006

Archive 3  

With Part Two of the Teenie Harris Archive Project, the museum once again asked members of the community familiar with the history of the era to help identify the people, places, and events taking place in the approximately 300 digital prints and thousands of online and bound images, most of which had not been on view before.









Documenting Our Past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project, Part Three, July 18–November 1, 2009

Archive 7  

In honor of Teenie Harris’s 101st birthday, classic photographs by the photographer were paired with prize-winning snapshots by children living in Pittsburgh today. The Teenie Harris images were selected by his son Charles A. Harris; the children’s work was sponsored by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh and the citywide “Gathering of Peace” antiviolence initiative.