Archive Stories: Mysteries

Who is it?


This photograph, one of Harris's most famous and beloved images, was probably taken at the Kay Boys' Club in Pittsburgh c. 1945. However, we don't know the name of the boy. Today, he would be a man in his seventies.



In this tragic car portrait, many dating clues—such as license plates, clothing fashions, or the make and model of the car—are absent. We think it dates to the 1930s or 1940s. Identifying the car would help narrow down the date.



Harris traveled throughout the Pittsburgh region while covering news stories for the Pittsburgh Courier, but many local issues from the 1940s are missing. Locating the mills in these photographs will allow us to retrace Harris's steps on assignment for the Courier.

What's going on here?


We think this march or rally at Point State Park must have taken place in 1968. Our only clue so far is the presence of many nuns in the crowd. Identifying the event will help clarify Harris's coverage of the civil rights movement in Pittsburgh.



A group of photographs of Pittsburgh cross-dressers is among the most controversial in the Teenie Harris Archive—not because of the subject matter, but because the authorship is disputed. Harris was one of several photographers working the Hill District club scene, and while these images have always been part of the Archive, it has been suggested that they may be the work of Walter Allen, or one of Harris's studio assistants. Documentary evidence regarding authorship will help to resolve competing claims.